Nutrients You Can’t Get from Plants

Explore the vital nutrients often lacking in a vegan diet and how to deal with them. 

Some vital nutrients are a real treasure hunt in the plant world! Specifically, they are DHA, Vitamin B12, Creatine, Heme iron, and Taurine.

Neglecting these nutrients can lead to various symptoms and health concerns, such as weakness, fatigue, compromised brain function, neurological or psychiatric disorders, anemia, potential associations with Alzheimer’s disease, and even possible links to heart disease, among others.

So, how can you address this potential dilemma?

Before you fret, don’t trade in your vegan badge for a carnivore’s one just yet. Instead, consider vegan-friendly supplements. They’re your sidekicks, available online or in special stores. Discuss with your nutritionist or doctor to decide which one is best for your body.

With the right supplements, you can help bridge the gap and continue thriving on your chosen path!

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