30 Weeks Pregnant: Changes, Symptoms & Size of Your Fetus

30 Weeks Pregnant
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A 30-week pregnancy phase is exciting and very important to notice. It’s the time when your bump is popping even more. The reason is rapid development of the baby. Also, this week means you are three-quarters of the way there now!

You have officially entered the final trimester, and there will be some great changes in the body. Therefore, you must look for the differences and some symptoms. To help you, here is everything about a 30-week pregnancy, its changes, symptoms & size of your fetus.

Highlight at 30 weeks pregnant

Here are the top highlights of 30 weeks of pregnancy:

  • In the 30th week, you are around ten weeks from the due date when the baby arrives (1).
  • At this stage, the baby’s hands and fingernails have almost completely grown (2). You may also find the baby holding their foot in the ultrasound.
  • At this, your baby grows hair on the head and loses thin hair(lanugo). Lanugo is body hair that protects them (3). This fine hair is generally shed and mixed with amniotic fluid in later pregnancy. Later, the baby consumes amniotic fluid, and you may notice black poop after birth.
  • In the 30th week, you may have Braxton Hick’s contractions (4, 5). These are fake contractions that prepare the body for birth.
  • You may also notice a surge in energy. For example, you may have nesting instincts that want you to prepare the room and make space for the baby (6).
  • In the final trimester, the baby’s brain undergoes a significant increase in volume, leading to major cerebral developments (7).

Your baby at 30 weeks pregnant

There are some major changes in baby at 30 weeks:

30 Weeks baby size

Lanugo(fine hair) is shedding

Lanugo is fine baby hair covering all of the body. Generally, babies shed this hair in the third trimester and consume it with amniotic fluid (3). That’s why the first few poops of a baby are dark in color. Even some babies are born with this hair which disappears after some time.

So, the baby shed this furry coat. Moreover, there is the development of real hair on the head.

Brain development

There is major brain development if you are 30 weeks pregnant (7). The baby’s brain is developing grooves and indentations (7). 

Baby’s skin

At this stage, the baby’s skin cells produce melanin (8). The more melanin, the darker the skin color. However, it is important to note that skin color can change over time after birth (9).

Eye development

One major development at 30 weeks is that babies can open their eyes wide (10, 11). By the 31st week, the baby’s eye can constrict and expand the pupil according to the light intensity (12).

Weight gain

From here on, your baby may gain 335 g/week up to the time of birth (13). But, of course, the rapid development also makes your belly look bigger.

Vigorous kicks

You may also notice regular kicks at some time of the day (14). So yes, the kicks and movements will be more noticeable.

Your body at 30 weeks pregnant

Here are some developments pregnant women may notice in the 30th week:

Mood swings

The first-trimester mood swing can return in the late second trimester and the beginning of the third trimester. It can result from uncomfortable changes, stress, and hormonal fluctuation (15, 16).

Try prenatal yoga or other physical activity you like and surround yourself with loved ones. Finally, consult your healthcare provider if the symptoms get severe. Getting help to take care of your stress feeling is important for both you and your baby’s well-being.


Heartburn is common at this time because the pregnancy hormones relax the muscle ring separating the esophagus from the stomach (17, 18). This hormone also relaxes the pelvic muscles. Therefore, there’s a lot of acid reflux. 

Also, baby movements cause heartburn (17). It’s better to have smaller meals and prevent immediately laying down after meals to relieve the symptoms (19).

Trouble sleeping

There may be some sleeping troubles for the expecting mothers (21). So, you can try a comfortable sleeping position and use maternity pillows, etc.


You may notice swelling in your hands, feet, ankles, etc (22). Consult a doctor, as they may help you to narrow down the reasons and take preventive steps.

Shortness of breath

The growing belly puts pressure on the diaphragm and rib cage (23, 24). So, for example, you may feel tired when climbing stairs. Because you need more oxygen.

Braxton Hick’s contractions

These false contractions prepare you for birth (25, 26). You can identify them as they occur irregularly, and the intensity remains the same. Also, they sometimes get relieved when changing body positions.

May have itchy skin

As the date approaches, you may feel some part of your body, especially the belly, is itchy in the third trimester (27). This is because the skin stretches, which causes dry skin. But, with the constant use of moisturizers, you can feel relieved. 

Vaginal discharge

Vaginal discharge is common due to an increase in estrogen. The discharge may have brown colors. Also, if you are near labor, you may have a bloody show, which is a loss of mucus plug (28). It’s the covering that covers the cervix and indicates you are near labor. 

All the symptoms and body changes are normal at this stage of pregnancy. However, you must consult the doctor if you notice constant contractions, unusual discharge, severe fatigue, or itchy skin. There can be other reasons for excessive body changes and symptoms. 

30 weeks pregnant symptoms not to ignore

Here are some symptoms you should not ignore:

  • Uncontrollable itching: If you have itching all over your body, it can be due to liver issues (27). Therefore, you must consult with the doctor.
  • No baby movements: You must consult the doctor if you don’t notice any baby movements (1).
  • Breathlessness: You may have shortness of breath. But, if it’s severe, you must seek professional advice.
  • Change in vision: Blurred vision, loss of vision in certain areas, suddenly unable to focus, etc. These changes in eyesight may be linked to gestational hypertension or preeclampsia (30). So, consult the doctor.
  • Severe body aches: You must consult the doctor if you have long-term and severe body aches.
  • Unusual discharge: If there is a noticeable increase in discharge, accompanied by itching and irritation, it is best to consult your healthcare provider (31).
  • Preterm labor: If you get regular and painful contractions, you may go for preterm labor. It’s labor before the 37th week. Therefore, you must immediately call the doctor (32).

How big is a pregnant belly at 30 weeks?

Your pregnant belly at 30 weeks is large and will continue to grow. The fetus is around 39.9cm long from head to heel and weighs about 1.3kg (33). In a clearer picture, it is about the size of a cabbage and weighs a big bag of muesli (33).

As the baby gains weight and develops major organs, usually you may gain half a pound per week. So, yes, the belly is quite noticeable and large. 

30 weeks pregnancy checklist

Here is the checklist for you:

  • Try some poses, prenatal yoga, or exercises like Kegels. It should be done under the supervision of the doctor. 
  • Wear comfortable shoes as you are gaining weight.
  • Inform your doctor about all the symptoms.
  • Keep your car and transport arrangements always ready.
  • Inform your loved one about the symptoms. Sharing also helps to manage mood swings.
  • Also, keep your doctor’s number on the emergency contact list. Share it with your partner and loved ones.
  • Prepare the hospital bag for the baby. 
  • Keep your clothes and necessities ready as you go to labor.

Is 30 weeks pregnant considered 8 months?

If you are in the 30th week, your seven months are running. It’s the onset of the final trimester. 

How many weeks are 30 weeks pregnant?

It means you are over seven months pregnant. You have officially entered the third trimester, which is the final trimester. You will notice weight gain in this phase, and your body will prepare for birth.

What should I avoid at 30 weeks pregnant?

You should avoid very high heels, processed food, and stress. Instead, try to be calm, sleep well, and stay active. Also, be around your loved ones.

What pains are normal at 30 weeks pregnant?

You may have back pain as you will gain lots of weight. Also, swollen ankles, feet, and hands can be common. If the symptoms are severe, you must consult your doctor.


So, this was all about the 30th week of pregnancy. You have got your answer if you were wondering how many months is 30 weeks. It’s around seven months. Also, this is an important milestone as you have entered the final trimester.

You will notice a big bump, baby movements, mood swings, etc. Also, you may see some emotional and physical changes. But pregnancy is a magical journey, making you support the fetus at every step. Cherish the moment, stay active, and always be in touch with your doctor.

Also, keep working out, eat healthy, and stay calm. Be around your loved ones and experience the most beautiful journey. Have a happy pregnancy!

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Peifen Chou RD

Medical reviewed by Peifen Chou, RD

Obstetrics and gynecology, lactation instructor, integrative medicine, aromatherapist, holistic nutritional consulting, functional medicine, and pet nutrition.


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