Sheridan is a degree-qualified clinical nutritionist, naturopath & health coach who specializes in mood & digestive disorders, particularly food-related sensitivities. A certified FitGenes practitioner (nutrigenomics - interpretation of how personalised nutrition & lifestyle interventions impact genes). Also trained in Vitae Mosaic, naturopathic functional medicine. Through comprehensive anlaysis of the symptoms, timeline health history, iris assessment and functional lab results (among other tests), she can piece together the root cause of the problem, so you can gain control over your health & live with your true potential. Her local & online practice is grounded in cutting edge research on gut-brain nutritional science. Since completing a health science degree in complimentary medicine 8yrs ago, Sheridan has continued to deepen her research & use of bio-individual nutrition, herbs and the latest in functional medicine testing. This has seen significant improvements in the quality of life for her clients. Even those with long-standing chronic conditions experience rapid relief, when the biochemical imbalances or 'triggers of dysfunction' are corrected. She is a co-author on mental health of the Amazon best selling book: "Rapid Change: For Busy Heart Centered Women Who Want To Be The Best Version of Themselves"