Dr. Hu Naiwen is a highly skilled and experienced practitioner in both Western and traditional Chinese medicine. He began his academic journey studying biology at university before specializing in neuroscience and endocrinology during graduate school. Upon completing his studies, Dr. Hu worked in the field of pharmacology and conducted life science research at the prestigious Stanford Research Institute International. Upon returning to Taiwan, Dr. Hu expanded his expertise by delving into the ancient practice of acupuncture and studying the theories of Chinese medicine. This exploration led him to earn a license in traditional Chinese medicine, further enriching his understanding of healthcare and treatment methodologies. Dr. Hu's personal quest for better health led him to explore various schools of qigong, ultimately discovering Falun Gong in his late 40s. This practice not only improved his physical well-being but also enhanced his mental acuity, allowing him to better comprehend and analyze complex medical texts. Throughout his more than 30 years of medical practice, Dr. Hu Naiwen has come to appreciate the strong connection between the cultivation of one's mind and the cultivation of one's life, as well as the relationship between morality and health. By incorporating these principles into his practice, he has helped over 140,000 patients overcome a myriad of illnesses, solidifying his reputation as a dedicated and holistic healthcare professional.