Dr. Donna Schwontkowski is a retired chiropractic physician with a master’s degree in Nutrition and Herbology. She has focused her career on three primary areas: clinical nutrition, learning and memory, and health/self-improvement publications. Dr. Donna’s mission in life is to act as an intercessor for people in all three of these areas, allowing them via teaching them, working in groups with them, or mentoring them to reach their potential in health, learning and memory, and ability to transform one’s life. Dr. Donna was also a journalist for health and fitness magazines for 15 years, the editor of Sacramento, CA’s Health & Fitness Magazine, and Co-producer and host of a TV show on health for four years. She has taught hundreds of community courses on many aspects of health and natural healing to thousands of students over the years. Her accelerated learning background has also allowed her to teach thousands of college and postgraduate students science and dozens of children how to read five books in a week as well as how to learn any subject quickly, including health and science.